Kodinportti is compatible with for example Tampuuri and iLOQ products. If compatibility for these products is needed in your building or house community, please mention them when ordering Kodinportti.

Kodinportti and iLOQ have a long history in making products compatible. In 2011 we installed to a customer the first Kodinportti screen with iLOQ key reader which enabled users to log in to Kodinportti touch screen with their iLOQ key.

Current optional iLOQ integrations include for example 1) an iLOQ key reader to Kodinportti touch screen for logging in with iLOQ key 2) Kodinportti bookings can be directed to iLOQ calendars and access to selected space can be limited to booked times with iLOQ products. Please ask more for information. Check out more about iLOQ.